Storage Map: VP Solar comparative table to choose energy storage solutions

Updated the Storage Map 2022, a comparative table showing the possible combinations between inverters and storage batteries.

Treviso 16 February 2022.  Since 2018, VP Solar has been publishing the Storage Map, a work tool designed for renewable professionals that groups in a tabular document a series of technical data useful for the design and choice of a storage system.

Storage Map 2022 shows, through a table, all the possible combinations between a specific inverter model and the storage battery.

The table shows the comparison between 8 manufacturing partners of photovoltaic inverters and 7 manufacturing partners of storage batteries, the document is free and can be downloaded at the following button:

Among the technical data reported are:

  • Inverter: available size, type of inverter (hybrid, retrofit only or battery only)
  • Type of connection to the battery network: DC side, AC side or both
  • Type of network: single-phase and three-phase
  • Back-up function
  • Batteries compatible with a specific inverter
  • System characteristics: battery voltage, net capacity (kWh) if they are expandable, charge/discharge power, load management, meter with opening TA
  • Suggestion of the photovoltaic system power (kWp) for a specific system

In over 22 years of activity, VP Solar has always placed professional customer satisfaction at the center of its Mission, choosing quality and reliability in the products offered.

The technical engineering team selects and tests multiple products for photovoltaics and other technologies such as storage, heat pumps and charging systems for electric vehicles, to always offer a range of reliable, competitive and performing solutions with adequate technical support for the professional.

In recent years, VP Solar has strengthened its partnerships with the main global producers, defining priority agreements for the supply of materials.

Thanks to this, it can guarantee its customers significant availability of reliable products and solutions for every need, with energy system kit solutions ready for delivery.

Storage Map 2022 is a continuously updated document, the download is free by registering your data at the following button: