K2 Systems represents an ideal solution in the field of mounting systems for solar technology.

In addition to guaranteeing high reliability, durability and quality of the materials used in the various structures, this range of products ensure a series of solutions that can be used in many plants.

From this point of view, it is possible to use these products both for solutions in the open field and for uses on roofs and made to measure.

The solutions proposed for solar PV systems on roofs include two distinct categories of a wide range of products: for flat and inclined roofs.

In the first case K2 proposes: D-Dome, D-Dome V, S-Dome, S-Dome Small, S-Dome V, S-Rock e Triangle/MultiAngle.

With regard to sloped roof uses, the solutions include: CrossRail, MiniRail, MultiRail, BasicRail, SolidRail, SpeedRail e sistema ad incasso.

For open field systems, K2 Systems offers A-Rack and P-Rack for small installations and N-Racks for medium-large ones.

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