PV modules: offers, prices and quality products
PV modules are the main component of a solar photovoltaic plant that transforms solar radiation into electricity.
VP Solar has been offering the best offers for quality solar panels at very competitive prices to dealers and installers since 1999.

The range of photovoltaic panels selected and proposed by VP Solar is extensive and complete, consisting of high performance, reliable and competitive polycrystalline, monocrystalline and thin films.
The distribution and sale of quality photovoltaic panels is offered in conjunction with high level technical and logistical services to ensure reliability for professional customers.

Thanks to the wide range of power available from 365 W to 5 W, it is possible to meet the needs of any type of photovoltaic system, from small residential to large utility.

You can also download the technical sheets and the certificates directly in the photovoltaic module pages, by requesting the best deal directly at [email protected]

ATTENTION: each Product is accompanied by an information sheet (“Technical Sheet”) which illustrates the main characteristics based on the information provided by the producers of the goods. These technical sheets are constantly updated: we therefore recommend that you always check that they correspond to the updated information on the Producer’s website.

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