Huawei LUNA2000 – smart string battery – 5/10/15 kWh


Lithium batteries for photovoltaic storage. Modular system with 5 kWh stackable battery packs with 100% discharge capacity.

  • Modular design of 5kWh, 10 kWh and 15 kWh and parallelable up to 2 systems for a total of 30 kWh
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Configurable with Huawei Hybrid Single and Three Phase Inverters

Huawei presents the lithium battery (Lithium Iron Phosphate – LFP) Huawei LUNA2000-5 / 10 / 15.

This high voltage battery is compatible with a wide range of inverters on the market.

It will be possible to connect two systems in parallel for a total of 30kWh

The LUNA2000 battery has a modular design with 5kWh battery modules, up to 3 battery modules can be stacked for each system to create a 5, 10 and 15kWh system.

The compact and elegant design makes the system aesthetically pleasing.

Easy installation and commissioning

The modular system consists of a block containing the “Power Module” electronics and battery blocks stackable together, for a total of 12 kg for the power module and 50 kg for each battery module.

Commissioning is quick and easy via the automatic app.