In front of everyone
to build
the energy of the future

“ From the dawn of our history
we thought that creating
sustainability, autonomy and energy efficiency
was the right way to participate in the
Global sustainable development.
Now, after more than 15 years
we know it was the right way ”

Our mission

The technical and business expertise specific, combined with pronounced market proximity, have helped maintain a privileged role as a partner with major world producers oriented to the Green Economy.

The company’s strategy is geared primarily towards quality and business customer satisfaction, whose perceived added value characterizes the commercial presence of the company.


Always respect the relationships and rules is the foundation of every VP Solar activity, which considers primary, than any mere commercial behavior, often opportunistic.

This approach represents a medium- to long-term value, while with the acquisition of a consolidated and recognizable role as a reliable business partner.

Respect for the environment and the sustainability of applied choices, are the cultural heritage of the company’s behavior.

Our History

VP Solar has been operating since 1999 in the distribution of components and systems for renewable energy and energy saving.

Over time the company has built and consolidated a role as a reliable supplier with a sharp and clear positioning B2B, expert in selecting and testing innovative solutions to propose in a systemic manner through the application engineering of its research and development team.


Partner in daily activities, not for slogans or contract, but convinced the mission.

Whoever follows VP Solar since 1999 has been able to appreciate the proximity of the company team not only in the exciting expansion phases, but also in all the difficult steps that the market presented.

VP Solar supplier should alleviate any difficulties, providing interpretations and indications of business opportunities, and work to create added value recognized by the client.

It plays and, above all, we win as a team! The foresight of VP Solar strategies, often very conservative but solid, represents a certain and reliable reference in the Italian and European market, not only for the many customers, but often also for competitors.

The company is based in northeast Italy and thanks to the efficient logistics based on SAP, the breadth of quality product range in stock and
strategic agreements with leading world producers, is able to serve
in an effective and competitive retailers and installers.

Logistics based on its own considerable stock of quality products ready for delivery, is to serve the customer in a very short time all over Italy and Europe.

Made up of a passionate, experienced and motivated team of technicians ready to offer the best solutions in line with customer requirements, technical standards, opportunities for incentive, the system performance, an adequate return on investment, and the maximum guarantees.

It is offered technical support to customers and organizes regular information/training sessions on technical and commercial issues, essential to correspond to an increasingly demanding market, with the objective to serve as a supplier/consultant.

Competitiveness in the market is given with the assistance faster both pre- and post-sales, and from a selection and testing of the products supplied.

The engineering team guarantees the highest quality of supplied products by testing the best products available in the market before you select them and put them available to customers.

It is promoted activities supporting the commercial development of customers/partners. The industry experience and international relations allow you to have a clear vision of the evolution of the markets, which is transferred to the customer.