SUN2000-100 KTL-M1, the Huawei solution for large commercial plants

Huawei, winner of the last Intersolar Award at the Intersolar 2019, has created an ideal product for large commercial plants: SUN2000-100KTL-M1.

Main features SUN2000-100KTL-M1

This device ensures safe, efficient and reliable management of your photovoltaic system, which are combined with a series of technical features that make it among the smartest large size inverters on the market.


  • 10 high-precision monitoring lines of PV strings: in this way it is possible to simplify the identification and correction of errors in a timely manner.
  • Rete PLC (Power line communication): reduces construction and maintenance costs and improves communication reliability and efficiency.
  • Smart I-V curve diagnosis: implements the I-V scan and integrity diagnosis for the PV strings. In this way, potential risks and failures can be detected in time,
  • Improving the quality of operation and maintenance of the system (O&M).


  • 98.8% maximum efficiency
  • Six maximum power point tracking circuits, Independent (MPPT) and 20 PV string inputs.


  • Integrated DC switch, safe and convenient component even during maintenance
  • Residual current monitoring unit: immediately disconnects from the mains after detecting that the residual current exceeds the threshold.
  • Design without fuses


  • Natural convection cooling technology
  • IP66 protection degree: it can be installed both indoors and outdoors, away from flammable materials and not under direct sunlight
  • Type II overvoltage limiters for both direct and alternating current
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Huawei three-phase SUN2000 100KTL-M1


Huawei SUN2000 100KTL-M1 three-phase inverter with 10 MPPTs for versatile adaptions to different layouts.

  • 98.8% (@480V) Max. Efficiency
  • Max. Input Voltage: 1100 V
  • IP66 Protection Degree
  • Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis Supported

  • Max DC voltage: 1100 V
  • Max AC apparent power: 110,000 VA
  • 20 strings intelligent monitoring and fast trouble-shooting
  • Max. efficiency 98.8%, EU efficiency 98.6% @480Vac
  • Max. efficiency 98.6%, EU efficiency 98.4% @400Vac