BYD BBox Premium high and low voltage, batteries for residential and commercial solutions

BYD world leader in both light and heavy electric mobility is also one of the largest manufacturers of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries compatible with the major inverter manufacturers.

The BBox Premium series is the third generation of batteries designed both for small residential systems but also thanks to the various types, all scalable, even for large storage systems that are close to MWh.

BBox Premium: high and low voltage batteries

To cover most of the market needs, BYD’s Premium series includes both high voltage and classic 48V batteries.

BYD was the first company to introduce both high voltage and low voltage stackable lithium batteries to the market with innovative connectors for parallel connection of 48 V or series of the high voltage.

BYD BBox Premium high voltage HVS and HVM

The high voltage HVS and HVM with battery modules of around 2,5 kWh each, might seem a double, but they are distinguished by the voltage of the single battery module.

On the one hand the HVS have nominal voltage 102 V, while the HVM the half, around 51 V, this fact leads to having battery “towers” with approximately the same capacity but with voltages one double the other, the consequence is that with the same charge/discharge current the HVS manage double power, so while the HVM are preferable in large storage systems given their characteristics.

It is also possible to insert on certain compatible inverters up to 3 towers of homologous batteries managed, so as to be able to manage storage of approximately 66 kWh.

BYD BBox Premium low voltage commercial LVL and residential LVS

As for the 48 V low voltage, BYD divides too its batteries into two product lines, on the one hand the LVL of 15,4 kWh parallelable up to 64 pieces, so as to obtain storage up to about 986 kWh, therefore suitable for industrial systems or large backup systems or in stand-alone/mini-grid.

The 48 V residential line is instead the LVS, this system has the modular “tower” design of the high voltage HVM / HVS, but with a net capacity of the single battery module of 4 kWh.

In a single “tower”, where the battery modules are paralleled up to 6 batteries through appropriate connectors between battery and battery and the innovative PDU (Power Distribution Unit) so as to form storage of 24 kWh. The LVS can form medium-sized storage, being able to connect in parallel up to 16 LVS 16 kWh thus reaching 256 kWh.