Kioto Solar is a photovoltaic modules manufacturer with solutions suitable for every type of photovoltaic system, from small residential to large plants.

Panels are conformed to all the strictest regulations and are chosen to the highest standards.

Pure 60 is of the solar panel’s type characterized by the flexibility of installation due to the possibility of subdivision into power classes. It is estimated that thanks to this feature, has an efficiency increase of more than 3%.

For the polycrystalline modules the power is 275Wp while for the monocrystalline ones, it reaches 305Wp.

Photovoltaic modules are offered in kits, in conjunction with storage and inverter.

ATTENTION: each Product is accompanied by an information sheet (“Technical Sheet”) which illustrates the main characteristics based on the information provided by the producers of the goods. These technical sheets are constantly updated: we therefore recommend that you always check that they correspond to the updated information on the Producer’s website.

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