Heat Pumps for sanitary water utilize innovative technology that allows them to heat their sanitary water in a home. Generic heat pumps also allow the production of technical water.
Warmers use a small amount of electricity to recover large amounts of free heat from outside air, both in summer and winter.

Thanks to these characteristics, hot water can be produced at a very low cost.
VP Solar offers a wide range of heat pumps for sanitary water that cover the needs of any type of home.
Synergic technologies are also proposed that further increase the user’s savings, such as the use of a photovoltaic system in conjunction with the water heater, allows the latter to extract the self-produced energy from the plant rather than the grid, bringing further savings.

In the range of products offered with heat pump water heaters, there are various solutions, ranging from bases to wall units, splitters or monobloc, with capacity from 80 to 300 liters.

ATTENTION: each Product is accompanied by an information sheet (“Technical Sheet”) which illustrates the main characteristics based on the information provided by the producers of the goods. These technical sheets are constantly updated: we therefore recommend that you always check that they correspond to the updated information on the Producer’s website.

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