SolarEdge is a manufacturer of renewable energy solutions and has invented a range of intelligent inverters that has changed the way of collecting and managing energy in solar photovoltaic systems.

The residential inverter solutions ranges from SE2200H-SE3000H-SE3500H-SE3680H to HD-Wave and SE technology with 2.2 to 6.0 kW power for single-phase photovoltaic systems and SE models with 3.0 to 10.0 kW for three-phase systems (also suitable for small commercial installations).

The SolarEdge proposal for three-phase photovoltaic systems includes SE models with powers from 15.0 to 27.6 kW, thus covering a wide range of manageable powers. This type of inverter is suitable for commercial and utility plants.

SolarEdge provides optimization solutions that improve photovoltaic performance. The proposed optimizers are available for all types of photovoltaic modules, both mono and polycrystalline, in P300, P350, P350I IndOP, P404, P405, P500, P600, P700 and P800 models.

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