Pylontech US2000 lithium battery

The Pylontech US2000 lithium battery module is suitable for making small and medium capacity storage systems.

  • From 2.4 kWh
  • Up to 16 units without parallel module.
  • Modular to create storage systems even of large dimensions.
  • Soft-start mode: reduces the peak current when the inverter has to start with only one battery.

Pylontech US2000 is a lithium battery module and its simplicity in modulating the battery allows the creation of storage systems of small or large capacity. Expandable according to the change in energy needs even after the first installation.
Features and benefits
  • They have a long life, with a 10 year guarantee, over 6000 cycles.
  • The internal molecular structure of LFP batteries is more stable and therefore safer, an increase in combustion temperature equal to 600 ° C compared to 300 ° C for NMC and LCO.
  • Greater depth of discharge (DOD 95%).
  • Double protection active at the BMS level.
  • Duration at 25 ° C & gt; 15 years.