VP Solar is a professional distributor of inverters for photovoltaic systems of the best brands in the international market.

The device needed to convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) is the photovoltaic inverter.

The inverter is therefore the beating heart of the domestic or commercial photovoltaic system, through this device you can manage many functions, including:

  • the management of the energy produced in the storage systems with inverters so-called hybrid inverters that manage both the photovoltaic production and the battery, and retrofit inverters that deal with the management of energy storage only.
  • the ability to communicate with other devices allows you to manage and optimize the energy produced with home automation systems for controlling loads, heat pumps, vehicle charging systems and more…
  • the online connection allows you to remotely monitor and intervene on the system

The inverter range distributed by VP Solar has a range of sizes from 700 W to 250 kW with 1500V input for utility scale systems.

The price list is available in our PRIVATE AREA and the quote it can be requested for each individual product in the product catalog of the site.

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