LG Home Battery RESU Prime video installation, maintenance and commissioning

LG Energy Solution’s LG RESU Prime lithium-ion battery generation are now available, these batteries based on LG JH5 cells have higher powers and capacities than previous models, the modular design also allows you to simplify installation costs and space requirements.


LG RESU Prime models

Both batteries can be connected with another unit of the same power class reaching up to 32kWh and 14kW of power in the case of RESU16H Prime, in the case of RESU10H Prime it can be scaled up to 19.2kWh with a total power of 10kW.

LG RESU H Prime Battery Components

The system is made up of battery modules, each single module weighs 41 kg for the 10H model and 65 kg for the 16H model.

The control unit is the BMS (battery management system) which serves as a universal measurement, monitoring and control system. All the electronics are installed in this central unit. The BMS is installed above the batteries to close the system.

The base plate needed to fix the batteries and the closing BMS think 30kg.

It can also be installed outdoors given the degree of protection IP55, the temperature must not drop below -10 °C.

LG RESU Prime installation and maintenance video tutorial

Available these useful videos for the installation and step-by-step commissioning of LG RESU16H Prime, the installation method is the same also for LG RESU10H.

Video of the installation of RESU16H Prime on the floor

Thanks to the innovative design that simplifies handling and management during installation, only two people are required to install the product.

Commissioning takes place via the dedicated APP by scanning the QR Code on the machine, the same APP also allows for software monitoring and updating in real time.

  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Uninstall

LG Energy Solution PRIME – high voltage – 10H/16H

LG PRIME offers maximum safety for electricity consumption regardless of external uncertainties, achieving energy independence through the conservation of self-produced and eco-friendly solar energy.

  • It works in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 50°C, so it is suitable for any type of weather conditions.
  • The installation can be done both on the wall and on the floor.
  • Available sizes: PRIME 10H, PRIME 16H.

With LG PRIME, the high energy capacity and power output allow the entire home to be backed up during both peak hours and blackouts.

The detachable control unit can be replaced on site, saving time and maintenance costs.

With RESU Monitor it is possible to monitor the battery status in real time and perform diagnostics to detect anomalies.

As for transport and installation, there is no need for a lift to load/unload from the truck and 1-2 installers are required to assemble it.

Ease of transportation is allowed thanks to the modular design, as it can be divided into battery control units and two battery modules.

70% of useful capacity is guaranteed in the tenth year.

LG PRIME batteries are characterized by their modular design. This simplifies transport but also handling and installation and maintenance on-site.

LG Energy Solution also debuted its LG RESU FLEX concept design which is characterized by ease of installation and scalability. RESU FLEX is a hybrid, flexible product that allows the free arrangement of battery units in different geometric ways to build a battery system that provides a customized capacity with a customized design. The FLEX series is designed to consist of even smaller battery cells than JH5 ​​technology, does not require a converter, and will be compatible with hybrid inverters from brands such as Kostal or Fronius.

Both batteries can be connected in cascade with another unit of the same power class and size. This means that the RESU16H Prime can be scaled up to 32kWh with double the power of 14kW and the RESU10H Prime can be scaled up to 19.2kWh with double the power in total 10kW.

The individual battery modules of the storage unit weigh 41 kg each for the 10H model and 65 kg for the 16H model. The control unit and the base plate required for installation weigh another 30 kg.