SolarEdge CSS-OD new storage solution for C&I

SolarEdge has recently introduced a new storage solution for commercial and industrial installations to the market: the SolarEdge CSS-OD system. This system consists of a 102.4 kWh storage system and a 50 kW PCS.

The product is designed to offer a range of significant benefits for businesses looking to optimize the energy derived from their installations.

SolarEdge CSS-OD flexible solution with modular and scalable design

One of the key features of the CSS-OD is its flexibility. Thanks to its modular and scalable design, businesses can easily expand storage capacity up to 1 MWh, meeting any need, including usage functions.

In addition to this, the SolarEdge CSS-OD system also provides advanced safety functions. These include a dual fire suppression mechanism and integrated devices for protection against AC and DC overvoltages.

Another important advantage of the CSS-OD is its ease of installation and commissioning. The pre-assembled battery cabinet reduces installation time and minimizes field errors, allowing businesses to get the system up and running more quickly.

SolarEdge CSS-OD system is supported by the SolarEdge ONE energy optimization system

Furthermore, the SolarEdge CSS-OD system is supported by the SolarEdge ONE energy optimization system, which intelligently manages energy production, storage, and consumption on-site. This helps businesses maximize self-consumption, reduce consumption peaks, and optimize tariffs, contributing to overall energy cost savings.

In conclusion, the SolarEdge CSS-OD storage system offers businesses a flexible, secure, and efficient solution to optimize their energy consumption. With its ability to adapt to the specific needs of each business and its support from the SolarEdge ONE system, it represents an excellent choice for improving energy sustainability.

This solution is available, in all its possible configurations, in the Storage Map published by VP Solar. This tool, useful for all industry professionals, can be downloaded for free under the “e-book” section of our website.