Jinko Solar is a global leader in producing photovoltaic modules.
It has many photovoltaic systems built in many states around the world.
The solar chain produces about 1.8 GW per year for the sector of solar photovoltaic modules.

Jinko Solar solar modules are the first PID-free modules in the market, even with extreme conditions.
They are designed to give the best performance even in high temperature and humidity conditions.

Thanks to power classes up to 275Wp.

Jinko Solar photovoltaic solutions are distributed by VP Solar.
Photovoltaic panels, through the inverter, can be combined with synergistic technologies such as photovoltaic storage batteries.
Lithium batteries are the ideal solution, combined with good photovoltaic modules, to increase self-consumption.

VP Solar offers photovoltaic kits in conjunction with accumulation systems.

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