LG Chem is a Korean chemical company founded in 1947, now active in the production of chemical storage solutions for residential photovoltaic plants.

48 V RESU is the product proposed by LG Chem as a lithium ion storage system as a home storage.
Thanks to the high quality of production materials and the innovative technologies used, it is the ideal solution to store energy and increase self-consumption in a residential photovoltaic system.

RESU is now available in 3 models: RESU3.3 (3.3 Wh), RESU6.5 (6.5 Wh) and RESU10 (9.8 Wh).
It is possible the backup function according to the system where it is installed and you can install two batteries on the same charging device.

The battery pack has an internal BMS (Battery Management System) that monitors cell-level operation and a charge / discharge device that optimizes its behavior and prolongs the battery life.
BMS update is also possible via SD card.

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