LG Energy Solution is a Korean chemical company founded in 1947, now active in the production of chemical storage solutions for residential photovoltaic plants.

The range of batteries for storage of LG Energy Solution is composed of solutions in low voltage 48V and high voltage 400V.

LG Home Battery RESU low voltage is available in 3 models: RESU6.5 (6.5 Wh), RESU10 (9.8 Wh), RESU12 (13.1 Wh).

The new RESU Prime are the high voltage batteries that replace the discontinued RESU7H and 10H products.

The models available are PRIME10H and PRIME16H, both batteries can be connected in cascade with another unit of the same size and power.

ATTENTION: each Product is accompanied by an information sheet (“Technical Sheet”) which illustrates the main characteristics based on the information provided by the producers of the goods. These technical sheets are constantly updated: we therefore recommend that you always check that they correspond to the updated information on the Producer’s website.

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