Pylontech US3000 – lithium technology – low voltage


Pylontech US3000 lithium battery, 3.55 kWh modules, maximum instantaneous charge and discharge power and discharge depth up to 90%.

  • 10 year warranty
  • longer life cycle, exceeding 6000 cycles
  • internal molecular structure of LFP batteries
  • compact and modular design

US3000 is a series of low voltage Pylontech batteries for the storage of energy from your photovoltaic system. It is combined with various brands of hybrid inverters and retrofits for a capacity of approximately 3.55 kWh with batteries (90% discharge depth).

This product stands out for its simplicity and modularity. The quantity of batteries that can be accumulated depends on the certifications of the inverter to which they are combined.


Pylontech US3000 batteries, with LFP lithium technology, have several advantages:

  • longer life cycle, which exceeds 6000 cycles, corresponding to approximately 11 years of work, with an end-of-life capacity of 80%;
  • the internal molecular structure is more stable and safer, it allows a combustion temperature increase of 600 ° C compared to the 300 ° C relative to NMC and LCO;
  • Wide possibility of expansion of the overall storage capacity;
  • greater depth of discharge (DOD 90%);
  • compact and modular design that allows easy installation/updating;
  • possibility of operating in different temperature conditions;
  • Integrated BMS;

This type of battery is installed in special racks with a size directly proportional to the desired storage capacity.

The US3000 occupies a space of 3U in the closet, and it is possible to install them without a minimum space between one battery and another.