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GoodWe ESA the innovative all-in-one system

Introduced the new all-in-one storage system consisting of hybrid inverter and GoodWe brand batteries. What is an all-in-one storage system? By all-in-one storage system we mean a machine that integrates

Collaboration between SolarEdge and Fiat for the supply of powertrains and batteries for the new electric Ducato

New partnership between SolarEdge and Fiat (Stellantis NV group) for the supply of powertrain and batteries for the Fiat E-Ducato commercial vehicle. Fiat (Stellantis NV group) has chosen SolarEdge, the

Backup features in storage

A very frequent question concerning storage systems combined with photovoltaic systems is their capacity to supply energy in the event of a power failure. In reality, all the devices connected

Storage Guide 2020: a working tool for choosing the storage system

A few years ago, VP Solar published the first version of the Storage Guide, and it became a useful and popular tool for installers immediately. In 2019 we integrated this

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