Mennekes is a globally recognized brand for energy mobility products as well as for designing and implementing the standard for charging cable connector.

Among the proposed Mennekes products are the charging cables in modes 2 and 3, columns and charging stations Basic, and Wallbox AMTRON.

Charging cables with Mennekes connectors are divided into cables in mode 2 and mode 3.
Cables in mode 2 are characterized by a SCHUKO wall socket combined with a mobile device that can communicate with the car and increase the level of protection. Mode 3, on the other hand, has two type 2 connectors, one for connecting to the pedestal and one for the car.

Wallbox AMTRON is a device for charging electric vehicles in mode 3 with type 2 socket. There are some versions equipped with a measuring counter with integrated type B differential.

The Basic baskets and charging stations proposed allow recharging mode 3 with Mennekes type 2 socket with shutter.
Both Basic and AMTRON are available in 3.7 kW single-phase 22 kW three-phase power.

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