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SolarEdge: three phase inverter StorEdge 5 / 7 / 8 / 10 kW


StorEdge three-phase inverter with battery storage. It allows you to connect 48V low voltage batteries of various sizes.

  • 12 year guarantee
  • DC coupling on new systems, and AC coupling on existing systems
  • Available: SE5K-RWS / SE7K-RWS / SE8K-RWS / SE10K-RWS

The new StorEdge three-phase inverter for grid-connected applications integrates the management of solar production, storage and domestic energy in a single inverter for simplified installation and warehouse management and a faster return on the system investment.

The StorEdge three-phase solution is compatible with 48V batteries LG Chem and BYD

  • Simple installation with a single inverter to manage both photovoltaic production and battery storage
  • Designed to eliminate high voltage during installation, maintenance or transport in order to optimize safety
  • Built-in module-level monitoring and full visibility of battery status, photovoltaic production and self-consumption data
  • More energy by exploiting the architecture of the DC coupled solution that accumulates photovoltaic power directly in the battery without losses due to conversion to AC
  • Quick and simplified commissioning of the inverter from a smartphone using SolarEdge SetApp
  • Allows you to connect low voltage 48V batteries from different vendors to offer greater flexibility