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Inverter Hub Solaredge Home single – phase

SolarEdge has developed the single-phase Hub Home Inverter (2.5-6kW), a device capable of managing home energy

  • DC oversizing up to 200%
  • module level monitoring
  • 12 year basic warranty, extendable up to 25 years
  • available sizes: SE3000H – SE3680H – SE4000H – SE5000H – SE6000H

In addition to fulfilling the role of controlling and regulating photovoltaic production, the single-phase Hub Home Inverter also offers the possibility of storing energy in batteries for later use, thanks to the backup mode, it ensures continuous power supply.

This inverter stands out for its compact size and light weight, simple installation and configuration via the SetApp application, making it an ideal choice for any home system.

Equipped with smart energy connectivity, the device integrates seamlessly with smart home devices, enabling optimized energy management to maximize the efficiency and energy savings of the entire home/EV-car system.

It also has advanced safety features with built-in protection against arc faults; allows module-level monitoring and full visibility of battery status, PV production and self-consumption data.

IP65 protection class for outdoor and indoor use.