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Kostal PLENTICORE plus: 3.0 / 4.2 / 5.5 / 7.0 / 8.5 / 10 kW


PLENTICORE plus the new hybrid inverter from Kostal, designed for photovoltaic storage ideal for both new and existing installations.

  • 3 MPPT to configure almost all types of roof
  • compatible with different high voltage battery
  • easy configuration
  • EEBus and Sunspec for the Smart Home connection
  • available in 5 power classes

Kostal’s new Plenticore plus hybrid inverter can be easily and flexibly integrated into new or pre-existing photovoltaic systems, which are already equipped with an accumulation input and an optional activation code.

Smart performance

This intelligent inverter adapts to the specifics of the installation location thanks to self-learning in shading management, is equipped with dynamic active power control and 24h monitoring of domestic consumption, learning and memorizing habits for optimal self-consumption.

Storage systems

Compatibility with various high‑voltage batteries. With 3 MPP trackers suited to the layout of almost all roofs.
BYD battery-box


Extended MPP range – perfect for repowering.

Smart connected

Through integrated web application it is possible to access and new functions of the Smart Communication Board. Display, data logger, system monitoring, network and control interfaces integrated as standard. For monitoring the system, it is possible to access the solar portal free of charge.

Smart Home

The inverter can communicate in the Smart Home thanks to the EEbus and SunSpec interface. With the house and with many other devices, to intelligently control and manage the energy produced.