VP Solar news and promotions for SolarEdge

SolarEdge power optimizers act as DC / DC converters and are connected to each photovoltaic module to increase efficiency. SolarEdge optimizers constantly act as the maximum power point tracker (MPPT) in each module.

As shown in the following figure, thanks to the SolarEdge power optimizers you can get the maximum power available in your system at any time of the day. Without neglecting the fact that, thanks to this product, it is possible to have module-level monitoring, allowing faster and more effective assistance.

SolarEdge new features for the P300 and P600 optimizers

In April Solaredge introduced new features for the P300 and P600 optimizers.

Now, the P300 power optimizer can be used with a photovoltaic module with a nominal DC input power up to 340 W, while P600 and P650 can now be used with solar modules up to 2×330 W, for a total of 660 W This allows you to apply them in different plants.

The correct selection of power optimizers must be made based on the specifications of the power optimizers presented in the most updated version of the product data-sheet: maximum input voltage (@min temp), maximum input current and nominal input power of the modules PV.

Photovoltaic modules with integrated optimizer

It should also be noted that Solaredge has introduced a monocrystalline module with the integrated optimizer to the market. All with the guarantee of quality and efficiency typical of this brand.

The 60 cell modules are available in the sizes of 300, 305 and 310 Wp.

Thanks to this solution, logistics, installation and assistance for your photovoltaic system are greatly simplified. All this also ensures a very high level of quality for every single product installed: inverters, optimizers, panels and much more.