SolarEdge optimizer’s transition from P to S-series

SolarEdge leader and world pioneer in smart energy technologies since 2006 has launched the new optimizers’ S series on the market both for the residential and C&I sector.

R&D has always been the beating heart of the company. It developed the S series starting from the basis of the previous ones by increasing power and manageable electricity. Following the manufacturers’ trend of high efficiency modules which use large cells requesting high electricity needs, they wanted to further increase the safety of the system.

Proprietary Safety DC and Sense Connect technology

SolarEdge, already among the safest on the market with proprietary Safety DC technology through another proprietary technology: Sense Connect.

The Sense Connect technology focuses on constant measurement of connectors temperature processed by the inverter. Identifying any irregularities so as to shut down the system before the connector can be damaged as well as preventing electric arcs which could trigger fires.

In these unfortunate cases the installer is promptly notified via the excellent monitoring platform where everything is clearly visible at a glance.

Easy to install with just one long cable

In addition to this important news, by taking care of installers’ needs, the new S series optimizers have a single long cable to connect each other.

In order to facilitate the entire supply chain, the number of models was reduced compared to the previous P series. Actually for the residential market there are S440, S500, S500B, S650B, whereas for commercial S1000 and S1200.

S models compatible with old P ones

As usual new S models can be replaced with the old P ones in the unfortunate event of failure. The guarantee lasts 25 years.

S-Series Power Optimizer compatibility Tables

S440 S500 S500B S650B
S series S440
P series P400
Old P-series optimizers Matching model S-series Product description
P605 S1200 S1000: 1000 Wp input power, 18A output current, 125 VDC output voltage
P800p S1000*
P650/P730/P801 S1000
P850 S1000
P950 S1000
P1100 S1200 S1200: 1200 Wp input power, 20A output current, 125 VDC output voltage

* S1000 optimizers will be able to be used with a “Y-shunt cable” for input connection of two modules in parallel