Range of SolarEdge products

SolarEdge has developed a smart inverter solution that changes the way of energy management in photovoltaic systems.

The inverter system with optimizers maximizes the energy production at the single module level, reducing the cost of energy produced by the whole system.

SolarEdge is a leader in the photovoltaic industry; has delivered more than 3.4 gigawatts of its inverter systems optimized DC side from the beginning of 2010, and its products have been installed on photovoltaic systems in over 96 countries.

Solar Edge’s power optimizer system

The system with optimizers allows to collect more energy and improve management of modules, connecting them to every single photovoltaic module.

System costs remain competitive keeping the interaction between DC and AC, and the interaction with the centralized electricity grid in single semplified PV inverter.

The installation is easy and every optimizer replaces the solar junction box in every module, allowing a better monitoring of each module level.

Optimizers main features:

  • Monitoring of the maximum power point (MPPT) for each module
  • Superior efficiency (peak efficiency equal to 95.5%, the weighted efficiency 98.8%)
  • Attenuates all types of loss due to misalignment of the modules, the manufacturing tolerance and partial shading
  • Designed for extreme environmental conditions
  • Reliability and warranty of 25 years
  • Measurement of the advanced performance and real-time
  • Automatic stop of the module DC voltage for the safety of installers and firefighters
  • Independent optimization technology (IndOP™) – Allows operation with any inverter and does not require the installation of additional hardware interfaces (for OPA models only)
  • Built by module manufacturers

SolarEdge photovoltaic inverter

The photovoltaic DC/AC SolarEdge inverter is specifically designed to work with SolarEdge power optimizers.

This inverter is cheaper and more reliable than standard inverters, thanks to the management of MPPT which is done by power optimizer, while the inverter is concerned only with the conversion of current into alternating current.

The fixed string voltage guarantees a functioning with maximum efficiency at any time, more than 97%, regardless of the length of the string and the weather conditions.