SolarEdge: optimizers for commercial & industrial solar installations – S1000 – S1200

The SolarEdge commercial Power Optimizer is a device that regulates the direct current (DC-DC converter) from the photovoltaic modules in order to ensure their autonomy and protection. It solves the problem of underperforming modules that affect the efficiency of other modules by maximizing energy production.

SolarEdge Serie-S: commercial power optimizer

The SolarEdge Serie-S is the most advanced commercial power optimizer by SolarEdge. This product offers a balance between safety and efficiency for commercial and industrial projects. With its intelligent technology, the Serie-S can contribute to increased system production and provides greater design flexibility.

With the ability to support longer strings and output powers of up to 20 A, the optimizer delivers optimal performance. The simplified wiring facilitates installations, allowing for greater efficiency in the process.

The SolarEdge Sense Connect feature provides arc detection and prevention, ensuring a safe installation. Available models include the S1000 (up to 1,000 Wp) and the S1200 (up to 1,200 Wp), offering a variety of options to suit commercial energy needs.

SolarEdge Serie-S

  • High efficiency
  • Compatibility with different types of modules
  • Maximization of production and reduction of losses (caused by shading, dirt, and aging)
  • Flexible design to optimize space
  • Real-time monitoring and remote issue resolution
  • Integrated safety features, such as SafeDC™ and SolarEdge Sense Connect
  • 25 year warranty

VP Solar is a distributor of SolarEdge commercial power optimizers. For the best offer, please send your request to [email protected].