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SolarEdge Three Phase Inverters SE66.6K-SE100K

Three-phase inverter for medium voltage connections with new synergy technology. Designed to work with power optimizers and integrated module-level monitoring.

  • Composed of multiple units that can be connected to each other
  • Lightness and simplicity of installation
  • Integrated Connection Unit with optional integrated DC Safety Switch

SolarEdge Three Phase Inverters for the Medium Voltage Grid SE66.6K-SE100K

Specifically designed to work with power optimizers.

The new generation of three-phase inverters for SolarEdge commercial systems combines power and ease of installation, consisting of primary units and small secondary units that are easy to transport and connected.

Easy to install

Easy two-person installation – each unit mounted separately, equipped with cables for simple connection between units.

Reduced time and configuration costs

Very simple commissioning, activation and configuration of the inverter are made directly via smartphone using the SolarEdge mobile APP. Built-in module-level monitoring with Ethernet or cellular GSM.

Independent operation

Independent operation of each unit enables higher uptime and easy serviceability.

Constant voltage

Fixed voltage inverter for superior efficiency (98.1%) and longer strings.

Ideal for installations in difficult conditions

No wasted ground area: wall/rail mounted or horizontally mounted under the modules (10 ̊ inclination).

Overvoltage Protection

Built-in RS485 Surge Protection Device, to better withstand lightning events.
Integrated Connection Unit with optional integrated DC Safety Switch – eliminates the need for external DC isolators.

Technical data

Products SE66.6K SE100K
Rated AC Power Output 66.600 VA 100.000 VA
AC Output Voltage — Line to Line / Line to Neutral (Nominal) 480/277 V CA
Maximum Continuous Output Current (per Phase) @277V 80 A 120 A
Grids Supported — Three Phase (V) 3 / N / PE (WYE with Neutral)
Maximum DC Power (Module STC), Inverter / Unit 90.000 / 45.000 W 13.500 / 45.000 W
Transformer-less, Ungrounded Si
Maximum Input Voltage 1.000 Vdc
Nominal DC Input Voltage 850 Vdc
Maximum Input Current 80 AdC 120 AdC
Reverse-Polarity Protection Si
Ground-Fault Isolation Detection 350kΩ Sensitivity per Unit
Maximum Inverter Efficiency 98,1%
European Weighted Efficiency 98%
Supported Communication Interfaces RS485, Ethernet, Cellular GSM (optional)
RS485 Surge Protection Built-in