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SolarEdge load switching devices SEHAZB-SWITCH-MTR / SEHAZB-SCKT-MTR-XX / SEHAZB-DR-SWITCH-2


Wireless socket and switch (ZigBee) to manage domestic loads. This device allows to adjust the loads of household systems and manage the energy produced by photovoltaics to power other devices.

AC switch with counter | Socket with counter

  • Wireless AC switch for the management of electrical devices
  • Device control can also be performed remotely based on a predefined time schedule or dynamically by the inverter to maximize self-consumption
  • Integrated measurement of energy and consumption
  • Power up to 3 kW

Switch with potential-free contact

  • Wireless switch with potential-free contact for controlling electrical devices
  • Suitable for controlling heat pumps
  • Wide input voltage range to offer maximum flexibility