Inverter SolarEdge: now with integrate WiFi

SolarEdge inverters, based on the patented optimization technology at single module level, are now available as standard with integrated WiFi connection.

SolarEdge integrated with Wifi: production always under control

SolarEdge optimizers, thanks to the ability to keep the maximum Energy by every single module, allow special installations, such as coupling modules with different inclinations or orientation, or even match together different modules in the same string.

The particular technology makes it possible to collect the maximum power from every single PV module, and furthermore to monitor in detail the production and any malfunction, thanks to a single and precise monitoring.

Now, to further improve the monitoring of production, SolarEdge inverters are ready for delivery by Solar VP with integrated Wi-Fi, which allows a precise control of each photovoltaic panel directly from your smartphone.

This also improves the maintenance, which is minimized and managed at the best level, in order to know in advance, for example, if the production of one or more modules is less than the expected, to schedule a cleaning operation.

SolarEdge: prepared for storage

SolarEdge inverters are already prepared for energy storage and for the association to battery system in order to improve the self-consumption: SolarEdge has recently sign a collaboration agreement with Tesla to develop systems management for the Powerwall, which could be arrive next spring / summer.

Even now, however, all SolarEdge technology is available for immediate delivery with integrated Wi-Fi, the predisposition for the storage and all the quality and reliability of a retailer as VP Solar, that provide assistance and advice in all the steps to its customers.

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