Q CELLS “Top Brand PV 2020”, 20 years of quality

Q CELLS, one of the world’s leading suppliers in the photovoltaic energy sector, also won the “Top Brand PV 2020” award from EuPD Research this year, reaching a record of seven consecutive years with this award. A further testament to the reliability of this brand is the fact that it has also achieved the same award in Australia, in this case for the 5 consecutive years.

The “Top Brand PV” is awarded by the internationally renowned research institute EuPD Research to companies that receive excellent feedback and evaluations in its Global PV InstallerMonitor survey, which collects the opinions of installers active in the photovoltaic sector in the main European markets.

Hee Cheul (Charles) Kim, CEO of Q CELLS, said: “Q CELLS is proud to have received the” Top Brand PV “Seal for seven consecutive years and will continue to carry on this legacy of reliability, quality and trust over the next decade. Next years’ we will see a huge evolution in how the world generates, consumes and shares energy, and Q CELLS hopes to play an important role in this transition. Winning this award for module brand quality is a recognition of the excellent standards that Q CELLS offer in the field of photovoltaic module technology. We expect to see even greater growth, with more innovation and quality from our research and development structures of photovoltaic cells and world-class modules in the coming months and years.”

VP Solar, a leader in Hanwha Q CELLS solution deployments

VP Solar, a leader distributor in the photovoltaic sector, offers various solutions of the Hanwha Q CELLS brand suitable for any type of photovoltaic system, thanks to excellent reliability and innovative cells with Q.ANTUM technology.

Q.PEAK DUO G8 and G8 +

The most cutting edge product of Q CELLS in 2020 is undoubtedly the DUO G8 and G8+ version. These panels are characterized by very high quality and efficiency. An example is the High-Tech aluminium frame, certified as highly resistant to snow (5400 Pa) and wind (4000 Pa).

These models offer cutting-edge technology, as modern half-cell technology and an innovative cell connection system are combined with the sophisticated Q.ANTUM Technology.

In the G8+ version the financial guarantee is extended to 25 years!