SolarEdge’s late summer news to increase the efficiency of your systems

SolarEdge, a global leader in smart energy technologies, founded in 2006, has developed over the years intelligent inverter solutions that have revolutionized the management of photovoltaic systems.

At the end of the summer, this company introduced some interesting innovations, intending to further improve the daily experience in the installation of SolarEdge products.

New Wireless Gateway:

This Wi-Fi solution allows you to connect residential inverters to SolarEdge monitoring servers. The wireless gateway connects to the inverter’s built-in Wi-Fi station but is wired with the home Internet router.

This means that even in the event of a change in the home provider, you will no longer have to request technical support to change the settings. It is also possible to extend the Wi-Fi range by connecting up to two SolarEdge repeaters.

Smart modules plus power and all-black versions

New high-power smart modules. Solaredge increases its offer also for smart photovoltaic modules with integrated optimizers. The panels are more powerful and with half-cut technology to improve performance and reliability.

Power Optimizer P701

New P701 power optimizer: this product will be compatible with 2 photovoltaic modules from 60 to 120 cells with total power up to 700W. It has a maximum Isc of 11.75 A and can be supported by three-phase inverters equal to or greater than the SE16K.

SolarEdge Designer

New Designer Updates: You can now customize project summary reports on the Solaredge Designer. Changes include adding the company logo, simplified energy graphs, energy simulations and editing the BOM list.

Monitoring and mySolarEdge

Even the MySolarEdge app in its latest version offers improved the management of Smart Energy devices and the charging of electric vehicles.

There are functions to activate and deactivate multiple smart home devices both at home and away. Ability to create multiple charging programs for electric vehicles for greater convenience based on the cost of energy and you can add more electric cars.