SolarEdge solutions to maximize photovoltaic plant efficiency

SolarEdge offers solutions to optimize the performance of photovoltaic systems, even old ones or with out of warranty inverters, which fail to achieve the full potential of their performance.

Maximize the performance of new or existing photovoltaic systems

The loss of performance of photovoltaic systems during their lifetime entails a loss of energy and profit for the owners.

However, in addition to the degradation of photovoltaic systems and the lower energy output of older plants than the new ones, there are other causes that may have a negative effect on performance:

  • Partial shadowing on one or more modules
  • Uneven ground
  • Variable temperatures
  • Production tolerances
  • Uneven uniformity of module aging

These conditions can also dramatically affect the performance of a plant due to multiple MPPs per panel.

SolarEdge Retrofit Proposals

In traditional string photovoltaic systems, production is lowered to the module level with lower performances.

The SolarEdge Optimizer system solves this problem and mitigates losses caused by decoupling by bringing the MPPT to module level.

This system extracts the greatest possible power for each module regardless of the other string modules.D

Benefits of SolarEdge Systems

Switching to SolarEdge systems by replacing the existing inverter with a SolarEdge inverter and adding optimizers to each module will bring several benefits such as:

  • Easy-to-install photovoltaic inverter with a maximum efficiency of over 97%
  • Economical installation of the optimizers
  • Integrated single-module level monitoring for full system performance visibility and troubleshooting remotely via a cloud monitoring platform
  • Power off the module DC current to ensure maximum safety when installing or servicing
  • Excellent reliability and 12 year warranty for the inverter and 25 for the optimizers