VP Solar: quality and innovation in the new Storage 2021 price list

VP Solar has renewed, for the year 2021, its proposal of storage systems for photovoltaic systems, updating it with the new DC and AC systems recently introduced on the market.

The range of products in the price list covers many installation conditions, proposing main brands’ solutions. This allows us to satisfy the requests of each customer with high levels of quality and safety.

AC and DC side solutions

The storage of energy produced by photovoltaic systems has long been a viable solution to improve self-consumption levels, thus also raising savings in the bill.

The devices can be divided into three parts:

  • AC side storage
  • DC side storage with connection on MPPT channels
  • DC side storage with connection to hybrid inverters

In the first case, VP Solar offers various solutions that can be adapted to any single-phase or three-phase string inverter. These devices are the most used on existing systems.

The second type of storage, on the other hand, concerns a particular solution that allows reaching a quantity of kWh, which can be connected to a single MPPT, equal to 12.

Connection to hybrid inverters is probably the most suitable solution in newly built systems, where you want to combine photovoltaic storage from the very beginning.

These inverters can reach sizes up to 10 kW, but in some cases, they can be expanded up to even 100 kW of the plants. On each inverter, it is possible to reach up to 30 kWh of storage.

Storage Guide and Storage Map 2021

VP Solar offers various tools to find the best solution for your needs.

In addition to the publication of the Storage 2020 Guide, the new Storage Map has been updated in the 2021 version: a comparative table divided into brands that show several interesting features of the storage system, including:

  • Compatible batteries
  • Back-up function
  • Available sizes
  • Expandability of the system

Download the Storage MAP: storage systems comparative table

  • 12 manufacturers of photovoltaic storage systems
  • Matching inverters and batteries
  • All the combinations available
  • Type of system: hybrid or AC connection
  • Type of network: three-phase or single-phase
  • Product warranty: years and % of remaining capacity
  • All data on power and storage capacity