Battery-Box: a storage solution by BYD

BYD Battery-Box is a lithium battery with a control unit (BCU), which is used with an external inverter. This system can include different battery modules which, since they are modular, guarantee high flexibility. For this reason, the BYD Battery-Box are perfect storage solutions for any type of application.

The features of BYD Battery-Box

The BYD Battery-Box guarantees various advantages for different storage systems:

  • Wide coverage: this products allows customised configurations
  • Flexibility: thanks to the design of the panels and their modularity, the relative capacity of the Battery-Box can be extended according to each user’s needs
  • High Power: the system has enough power to be installed in all applications, whether it is a networked system, isolated or backup

The various products of Battery-Box

Battery-Box products comprehends Battery-Box HV, Battery-Box LV and Battery-Box Pro. All these systems benefit from high levels of security, duration and performance:

  • Battery-Box HV. It is the first high-voltage battery with flexible and modular design without internal cables. It gives the possibility to connect from 5 to 9 battery modules, with the option of adding up to 5 HV Battery-Boxes in parallel. Therefore, capacity varies from 6.4 to 57.6 kWh. These systems are compatible with KOSTAL and SMA inverters.
  • Battery-Box Pro, which is compatible with SMA, can be divided into two different categories:
    • Pro 2.5-10: it consists of 1 to 4 modules and can be installed in parallel with 8 additional Battery-Box Pro 2.5-10 systems. Thus, capacity varies from 2.56 to 81.92 kWh.
    • Pro 13.8: it consist of 2 modules; it can be added in parallel to other 32 Battery Box Pro 13.8, covering a capacity ranging between8 to 441.6 kWh.
  • Battery-Box LV: it can contain from 1 to 4 modules of 3.5 kWh each, and it is possible to connect it in parallel with 3 more LV Battery-Boxes; thus, reaching 42 kWh of capacity.

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