ZCS Azzurro: three-phase inverters for commercial and industrial systems

ZCS Azzurro has a wide range of efficient and versatile three-phase inverters for both medium and large systems in the C&I market.

All sizes between 3.3 and 255 kW are available, with solutions that adjust to all kinds of photovoltaic systems, including a range of hybrid inverters from 15 to 25 Kw.

Photovoltaic ZCS inverters from 3.3 to 255 kW

All inverters from the series KTL-V3 are equipped with a RS485 and a USB communication interface, a combined DC switch and all products from 3.3 to 50 kW have a practical display available.

These inverters, with a 10 years warranty and a zero feed-in function, also dispose of the following certifications: CEI 0-21 for inverters from 3.3 to 12 kW; CEI 0.16 for inverters from 15 to 110 kW.

  • 3-12KTL 2 MPPT
  • 15-24KTL: 2 MPPT
  • 25-50KTL: 3 MPPT (25/30/33/36) and 4 MPPT (40/45/50)
  • 60-80KTL: 6 MPPT (60/80),
  • 100-136KTL: 10 MPPT (100)
  • 255KTL:12 MPPT (255)

Hybrid three-phase inverters from 5 to 20 kW

This series of hybrid three-phase storage inverters is compatible with the ZCS H48050 and the Weco 5K3XP batteries.

The inverters are equipped with a graphic display, a back-up function, the RS485 communication interface, 3 TA and a combined DC switch.

  • Single input for batteries (25A) (5/6/8)
  • Double input for batteries (25A) (10/15/20)
  • Zero feed-in function
  • CEI 0-21 & CEI 0-16 certifications

Azzurro ZCS configurator

ZCS have an online configurator that gives you the chance to precisely size the plant and all their photovoltaic inverters. This is a simple ad intuitive tool, the only requested actions are the registration and the insertion of your photovoltaic system’s data (geographical area, inverter and photovoltaic module).

ZCS Azzurro tracking portal

All ZCS products can be easily tracked through the ZCS Azzurro portal, thanks to its intuitive dashboard with all kind of information, energetic summaries and instantly available data.

In addition to that, there is also the opportunity to insert different profiles in order to see different plants with one access.

The portal periodically sends reports of the profiles and also automatically send emails in case of alerts.

Tracking via app

ZCS Azzurro’s app is also available for the tracking of ZCS products from your personal device, at any moment.

In the app it is possible to visualize all inverters and storage data, for the full tracking of all energetic flows.