The new Sungrow three-phase solution

Hybrid photovoltaic systems are increasing its popularity, offering a range of benefits for both customers and the environment. Combining a photovoltaic system with a battery provides better efficiency, less dependence on the grid, greater use of solar energy, and increased stability and security thanks to the backup function.

Sungrow, the world’s leading manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters and energy storage systems, therefore presents a new three-phase solution for small commercial and industrial installations.

The importance of choosing the right three-phase solution

Choosing the right product is essential for the installation and to respect the customer’s needs. The solution must be designed to ensure efficient, safe, and reliable operation under all circumstances.

Thanks to the high expertise of its product managers, Sungrow understands the importance of getting things right the first time, saving time and costs, and ensuring a flawless and trouble-free operation.

New SHT three-phase hybrid inverters

The new SHT three-phase hybrid inverters from Sungrow, with a range from 15kW to 25kW, have a high IP65 protection rating, and a full range of safety features and functionalities.

The new SBH battery (from 10kWh to 40kWh per tower) is also IP55 certified and designed with overvoltage and overcurrent protection, overtemperature protection, and a DC switch. Additionally, the product has been certified with the latest safety standards.

Another important factor is the ease of installation of the product, with a lower weight (less than 40 kg for the new three-phase inverters), easy connection, and all essential components included such as the energy meter, a set of three current transformers, and the Sungrow WiNet module.

To learn more about the new three-phase solution, you can attend the dedicated webinar here.

Post-installation assistance

Sungrow also offers a series of tools to show customers the best practices for the maintenance of all products. These tools include the latest version of the i SolarCloud app – available in both mobile and desktop versions – which simplifies and improves plant management.

A powerful remote solution for monitoring and troubleshooting is essential to ensure quick response, lower costs, and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

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