Single Phase SolarEdge Home Inverter: energy storage and backup management

VP Solar, as a distributor of SolarEdge systems and technologies, presents the new Single Phase SolarEdge Home Inverter. SolarEdge has introduced its innovative technology called Hub, which made its debut in 2023 with the release of the Three Phase SolarEdge Home Inverter (5-10kW).

Now, to meet the needs of single-phase applications, SolarEdge has developed the Single Phase Hub Home Inverter (2.5-6kW).

The Single Phase SolarEdge Home Inverter is a device able to manage household energy. In addition to its role in controlling and regulating photovoltaic production, this inverter also offers the possibility to store energy in batteries for later use. Furthermore, in the event of a power grid outage, the SolarEdge Home Inverter switches to backup mode, ensuring continuous power supply to essential electronic devices. Moreover, thanks to its smart energy connectivity, the device seamlessly integrates with smart home devices, enabling optimized energy management to maximize efficiency and energy savings.

Ultimate performance and efficiency

The new Single Phase SolarEdge Home Inverter delivers a remarkable weighted efficiency of 99%, maximizing energy production with DC oversizing of up to 200%.

Beyond its powerful capabilities, this inverter stands out for its compact size, lightweight design, and easy installation, making it an ideal choice for any home space.

Safety: Top Priority

The Single Phase SolarEdge Home Inverter is equipped with advanced safety features, including integrated protection against electrical arc faults, ensuring reliable operation and safeguarding the entire system against unforeseen events.

Complete 360-Degree Control and Monitoring

The module-level monitoring capability of the Single Phase SolarEdge Home Inverter provides full visibility into battery status, photovoltaic production, and self-consumption data.

Real-time monitoring allows users to track system performance and optimize energy consumption according to their individual needs.

Easy and Flexible

The Single Phase SolarEdge Home Inverter is designed to support future energy requirements. With its advanced connectivity, the system can be expanded and upgraded easily and conveniently, while maintaining superior performance.

SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter Single Phase, for Europe: SE2500H / SE3000H / SE3680H / SE4000H / SE5000H / SE6000H / SE8000H / SE10000H

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