DMEGC Solar at Intersolar 2024: new modules

DMEGC Solar has announced their participation at the Intersolar trade fair in Munich, anticipating the addition of several new products in their range.

The company will showcase not only its flagship Infinity RT module but also unveil several new products, emphasizing their product leadership in the sector and their market development capabilities. They can be found at stand A1.120.


Innovations on the horizon for DMEGC Solar

The solar division of the Hengdian Group plans to apply significant improvements to all their modules and various applications, such as residential, industrial, commercial, utility, FPV, agrivoltaic, “PV + Transport,” etc.

The improvements will address all aspects of module performance:

  • Power
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Carbon footprint

In particular, enhancements are expected in:

  • Glass load capacity
  • Reduction of hidden cell cracks and glass breakage
  • Hail resistance level

Additionally, DMEGC Solar will present its new modules for specialized installations, in particular for greenhouses and agricultural PV systems, as well as anti-glare modules ideal for airports, highways, railways, and buildings.

Progress of DMEGC Solar’s Infinity RT modules

Since the launch of the Infinity RT modules last November, they have made great progress in terms of efficiency and reliability thanks to improvements in cell efficiency and module technology. The high-efficiency large-size rectangular cells ensure higher power output, which can significantly reduce BOS system costs such as brackets and cables, thus lowering the LEC (Levelized Energy Cost).

DMEGC Solar’s goals

DMEGC Solar’s mission is to consolidate their leadership in the photovoltaic market, an objective already well underway thanks to their entry into the top 10 in the shipment list released by SMM on May 30 and their first-quarter 2024 financial report, which highlights the company’s ability to maintain strong net cash flow. Their new slogan, “Infinity Power, Infinity Future,” demonstrates their commitment to offering increasingly innovative products with stable operations.