Solaredge three-phase inverter for commercial, industrial and large plants

Solaredge world leader in PV optimizer and inverter technology offers a wide range of solutions for commercial systems, with dedicated pre-sales technical services, project design and validation services, advanced monitoring to guarantee a longer lifetime and a high performance ratio for the entire life of the plant.
SolarEdge is the world leader in the technology of fixed voltage photovoltaic optimizers and inverters.

Solaredge three-phase inverter from 12.5 to 120 kW

The combination of these two tecnology means that the inverter will always be able to work at the highest efficiency in the conversion between the DC PV generator to the connection to the AC pubblic grid.

The maximum efficiency with this technique is obtained regardless of the configuration of the optimizer series or the temperature and irradiation on the modules.

“Short string” inverter

Over time, the PV modules have increased their efficiency and there has been a progressive increase in unit power, therefore, for the same system power, fewer modules are required and therefore fewer optimizers, for this reason SolarEdge has recently adapted the small three-phase inverters between 3 and 5 kW with the inclusion in the portfolio of the so-called “short string” SExK-RWB which need fewer optimizers in series to work than in the past.

Now the range of inverters is further expanded for small commercial installations with the new SE20K model (19.9 kW in some coutries).

In this way it will be possible to configure small commercial systems with about 20 kWp of photovoltaic modules with greater flexibility.

The new SE20K-RW00IBNM4 includes original MC4 connectors for connecting series of optimizers, integrated and monitored SPD Type 2. The new inverter is already present in the SolarEdge Designer online configuration tool.

Inverter with sizes from 25 to 33.3 kW at 400 V and 40 kW at 480 V

For commercial systems there are also inverters in the SolarEdge catalog with power from 25 to 33.3 kW with a standard output 3ph 400 V and a 40 kW with output at 480 V.

All these inverters have SPD Type 2 on the DC side and have SExxK-RW00IBNxx code.

These inverters can also be equipped in the lower part of the chassis with the DC Safety Unit which can include:

  • SExxK-RW00IBNR4 models: the DC switch
  • SExxK-RW00IBNJ4 models: the DC switch and the SPD Type 2 at the AC side
  • SExxK-RWR0IBNZ4 models: complete series, incorporates in the DC Safety Unit also the DC fuses and the Rapid Shut Down function

Commercial inverters with Synergy technology up to 120 kW

Thanks to SolarEdge’s research and development studies from these models through Synergy Technology, even larger inverters have been introduced into the market thanks to the combining of 2 or 3 power units of 33.3, 30 or 40 kW creating inverters from 66.6 kW, 90 kW, 100 kW and the 120 kW with 480 V output.

In the Synergy Technology inverters, the power units derived from the commercial inverters described above defined SESUK are “joined” and managed together by the so-called Synergy Manager which is the real external interface, both towards the pubblic grid and the power optimizers and has the task of making the various SESUK power units manage the energy from the Sun.

In this way, the installation of high power inverters becomes easy thanks to the division of weights/dimensions over several units and the commissioning of the system is also available by powering the Synergy Manager through a USB power bank and the SetApp application before the connection to the grid.