New SolarEdge S-Series Optimizers

SolarEdge is a world leader in the supply of integrated smart energy solutions that start from photovoltaic smart modules, to inverters for both the residential and commercial field, components for intelligent energy management, storage batteries for pv systems, but also charging systems for e-car and last, but not least, also monitoring solutions and grid services.

SolarEdge has been the pioneer of power optimizer technology for photovoltaic modules for over 10 years.

Power optimizers with Solaredge inverters

The SolarEdge platform has always been formed by combining its optimizers with its inverters, the aim is not only to maximize the energy production, thanks to the 1 module: 1 MPPT philosophy, but also to simplify the design on difficult roofs with shadows and plurality of exposure and  to ensure the safety of its customers thanks to the Safety DC technology that allows intrinsic safety vontage on the roof in the absence of production.

Accurate system monitoring

The telemetry transmitted by the optimizers to the inverter also allow an accurate monitoring, so you can save maintenance costs while extending the useful life of the PV system.

New S series optimizers

In the continuous product improvement, SolarEdge launches the new optimizers S series for the residential compartment in two version: S440 and S500 which manage higher powers but also higher input current, i.e. 14.5 A for the 440 W version and 15 A for the 500 W, so as to keep up with the new and future modules that have increasingly high currents due bigger cells.

Improved cable management

The improvements do not stop there: the cables are arranged higher up, facilitating installation since only 1 cable have the right length to connect to the next module, the other 3 are short with a connector close to the optimizer.

This will make it easier to locate any connector failures or insulation leaks.

Sense Connect function: detects thermal anomalies at the connector level

It is also more safer through the Sense Connect function, which further improves the Safety DC concept available with an firmware update in 2022.

Through this patented technology, thermal anomalies will be detected at the connector level, thus preventing damage to the connectors themselves and electrical arcs.

Improved design and logistics with only 3 models

Finally, the design and logistics are further simplified:

  • as the S440 model replaces the previous P series optimizers P3701 and P401
  • while the S500 will replace the optimizers P500 and P505
  • A subsequent model available in 2022 will replace the P404; P485 and P505

Of course, the technical note on intercompatibility with previous versions of optimizers is already available.