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SolarEdge S1000 – S1200 power optimizer

SolarEdge power optimizer for commercial systems, module add-on solution

  • 99.5% efficiency
  • 25 year warranty
  • Built-in SafeDC™ and SolarEdge Sense Connect safety features
  • Sizes available: S1000 – S1200

SolarEdge’s commercial power optimizer is a device that regulates the DC current and voltage coming from PV modules so as to ensure their autonomy and protection. Designed to automatically reduce high DC voltage to safe levels, SolarEdge’s S – Series optimizer supports high-power bifacial PV modules.

With smart technology, S – Series  can help increase system output and offers greater design flexibility that allows maximum space utilization; it also supports a connection of two PV modules in series with easy cable management and fast installation time.

SolarEdge Sense Connect feature preemptively detects arcing, helping to ensure safe installation.

Series – S Power Optimizer compatibility Tables

Old P-series optimizers Matching model S-series Product description
P605 S1200 S1000: 1000 Wp input power, 18A output current, 125 VDC output voltage
P800p S1000*
P650/P730/P801 S1000
P850 S1000
P950 S1000
P1100 S1200 S1200: 1200 Wp input power, 20A output current, 125 VDC output voltage