24 hours

Fronius: 24 hours of sun

A world of 24 hours of sun: the vision of Fronius is to manage the energy production by renewables in order to cover the full day needs of energy in the house, believing that it could be possible in a future.

Fronius is working to reach 24 hours of sun in the future  with its products and solutions. But people need to be involved in this vision, and their contribute could be to install a PV and storage system, and to use energy in a smart way.

The “24 hours of sun” view of Fronius in 3 words

Fronius created a website to explain this vision; 24 hours of sun for

SUSTAINABILITY: to leave to future generations a world that is still worth living in

PROSPERITY: the new model of decentralized production of energy from renewables, now very cost efficient, will create new jobs and working opportunities

INDIPENDENCE: 24 Hours of sun will make people independent of fossil fuels

To make the visionary goal of 24 hours of sun a reality, it requires technologies and solutions that make it possible to generate and store renewable energy with incomparable efficiency and to distribute and consume that energy in a smart way.

VP Solar distributes Fronius huge range of PV string inverter: Galvo, Primo, Eco and Symo. Resellers can contact directly Technical department of VP Solar in order to find the optimal solution for the PV system.

Fronius inverters can be the heart of complete energy systems with PV and storage system, heat pumps and building automation.