Designer: SolarEdge’s online platform for designing your system

Designer is the free online tool from Solaredge, which allows you to completely design any photovoltaic system.

It will be possible to design photovoltaic system simply and intuitively, using the most up-to-date aerial image, without any need for a prior inspection.

With the SolarEdge platform, you can faithfully recreate the roof structure, position the modules and do the electrical design of the system.

Designer has a large database of modules and can directly suggest a possible solution for the inverter and optimizers. These features allow you to enrich the range of possible configurations of your system.

Save Time and Money

The new SolarEdge Designer is free and allows you to simulate the system by greatly simplifying the design phase, making the most of the available space on the roof and eliminating errors during installation by generating the system wiring diagram.

Greater customer satisfaction

With Designer you can create realistic 3D simulations based on the needs expressed by the customer.

This platform greatly simplifies the electrical design of the system by advising:

  • Models and quantities of inverters and optimizers
  • Sizing constraints and other important design variables

It will also be possible to receive real-time feedback on the correct string design.

The results of these simulations are summarized in detailed reports that show the project data, the material list and the production simulations monthly completely and exhaustively.

Modern and intuitive platform

The platform is accessible from the web with Mac or PC and has a clean and interactive graphic interface. All simulations can also be shared and sent to the end customer.

It is also possible to export the 3D project directly to the monitoring platform and quickly create the physical layout of the system, to greatly simplify the installation and maintenance processes.