Jinko achieved a record efficiency of 24.76% for its TOPCon N-Type modules

Improving efficiency while reducing costs has always been a major theme for Jinko Solar, and as proof of this, the R&D team was able to achieve a record efficiency of the TPCon N-type module of 24.76%; a figure certified by TÜV Süd. In addition, the Shanghai Institute of Microsystems and Information Technology also confirmed a conversion efficiency of 32.33% for the same module.

New milestones and rising production volumes

Jinko has reached an important milestone: since 2010, i.e. since the beginning of its operations, it has delivered 200 GW of photovoltaic modules worldwide. This result was also achieved thanks to the growth in sales of the new Tiger Neo N-type photovoltaic modules.

In the first three quarters of this year alone, it delivered over 52 GW of modules to more than 180 countries, ranking first in the industry.

This ‘exponential growth’ is the result of a strong focus on research and development; they not only represent technological and innovative improvement but also point to the future direction for the entire photovoltaic industry.

Improving efficiency: goals for the future

The next goals Jinko has set for itself are manifold:

  • 8% average efficiency in mass production by the end of 2023
  • overall module efficiency of 26.5% in 2024
  • optimisation of production to reach an efficiency level of 27% to 27.5% in the next 2 to 3 years