SolarEdge power optimizer for residential installations P401 / P404 / P485 / P500 / P505 / S440 / S500

SolarEdge, a world leader in integrated smart energy solutions including inverters, power optimizers, monitoring systems and smart homes solutions, as well as PV modules and batteries, has one of the largest experiences in MLPE (Module-Level Power Electronics) solutions.

Always attentive to the safety and maximum energy production of the photovoltaic system, it transforms any photovoltaic module into an intelligent module thanks to its power optimizers.

S Series Power Optimizers for Residential Installations

Adding to the now storied range of P-series optimizers is the new even safer S-series for arc detection and prevention with SolarEdge Sense Connect. These optimizers are compatible with high current cells such as M10 and G12.

Configure your plant with SolarEdge Designer

SolarEdge’s Designer online configurator has already been updated with these new features so you can validate the new uses possible with modules for the high-power residential market.

Power optimizer model Rated Input DC Power Absolute Maximum Input Voltage typical module compatibility
P401 ≤401W ≤60V For high power 60 and 72 cells modules
P404 ≤405W ≤80V For 60 and 72 cells modules, short strings
P485 ≤485W ≤125V For high voltage modules
P500 ≤500W ≤80V For 96-cells modules
P505 ≤505W ≤83V For higher current modules
S440 ≤440W ≤60V For new generation high power modules
S500 ≤500W ≤60V For new generation high power modules