VP Solar: specialized distributor of storage systems

Storage systems are now increasingly establishing as an important technical solution to match to photovoltaic systems to improve their performances and use of energy.

The need of using the solar energy even when the sun is not present entailed the technological research as well as technical solutions that allowed to guarantee energy autonomy even in isolated situations, especially in off-grid plants.

Today there are a new market and new conditions thanks to the definition of clear rules and well-established technologies, given also by the introduction of lithium batteries, which guarantee high performances and high energy availability.

VP Solar: your specialized distributor of storage systems

When talking about storage, we are not only dealing with storage batteries, but it is always more important to talk about an overall system which allows to get the maximum from the energy produced and the right and highest efficiency in the management of the energy flow from and towards the building through an efficient and punctual management.

The electricity grid is fundamental in a storage system, not only to guarantee continuity if the battery or the PV plant cannot do it, but also because it is a big storage of energy able to collect it once the accumulation has been completely charged, especially during the summer.

Thanks to the connection to the grid that energy is not irretrievably lost, but it is valorized through the net energy metering.

20 years of experience in the photovoltaic sector

Thanks to its 20-years’ experience in the field of off-grid systems, today VP Solar is the touchstone of storage systems, since it selects and brings the most efficient and reliable technical solutions to the market.

This allows its customers, both resellers and installers, to propose advanced technological systems allowing to save a lot of money on the bills.

New Storage Map 2021

This document is in table format and defines the possible combinations between inverters and photovoltaic storage batteries available on the market.

The table also shows a series of technical data useful for the design and choice of a “standard” residential and commercial storage system.

Storage Guide 2020

VP Solar to help installers in the choice and combination of components for a photovoltaic system with storage, has created a Storage Guide 2020 with a comparative table of systems.

The guide introduces various manufacturers of storage batteries and inverters and presents the market news.

In brief some of the topics you can find in the book:

  • The type of inverter: hybrid, PV or retrofit
  • The connection of the battery to the grid: AC, DC side or both
  • Grid connection: single-phase or three-phase
  • The system configuration: all-in-one or composed of several components
  • Backup function

The book is available in three different languages, English, Spanish and French

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