VP Solar – distributor of high-efficiency AIKO Solar modules

This year, VP Solar has added the new photovoltaic modules from the AIKO Solar brand to its already extensive product portfolio.
As a leading distributor in the renewable energy sector, VP Solar has always aimed to provide its customers with a wide range of top-quality solutions, keeping pace with the times in an ever-evolving industry.

With this motivation, AIKO, a world leader in the development and production of photovoltaic products, has become part of VP Solar’s product offering.

Innovative Technologies

AIKO provides photovoltaic modules with ABC N-Type (All Back Contact) cells, a solution that allows the modules to achieve efficiencies greater than 24%, with extremely low power coefficients. The result of these technologies is a lower loss with the increase of temperature.

AIKO’s successfully story

AIKO’s mission is to promote the evolution towards a carbon-free era, constantly pursuing innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

Founded in 2009, AIKO has achieved numerous significant milestones.

  • In 2020, the company was the first to mass-produce 210 mm solar cells.
  • In 2022, it launched the ABC module worldwide, setting new efficiency standards.
  • In 2023, the efficiency of the modules with ABC cells exceeded 24%, while the cell efficiency reached 26.5%.

Future Goals

AIKO Solar, with a view to continuous global growth, has planned a production capacity of 86 GW for N-Type cells, having already reached a total of 120 GW of shipments.

AIKO is based on some fundamental principles in the production of photovoltaic modules:

  • Technology that illuminates the entire area of the cells, utilizing every atom of crystalline silicon (c-Si)
  • All Black Contact cells
  • Metals completely free of silver
  • End-to-end innovation throughout all stages of photovoltaic module production

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