Trina Solar Vertex line 210 mm cell modules

A historic Chinese integrated company in the photovoltaic sector, active since 1997, has always been at the forefront thanks to a strong research and development team.

In the constant search to lower LCOE (levelized cost of energy), Trina Solar has recently introduced the modules of the Vertex serie to the market.

Reinforced frame, multi-busbar technology and high-density encapsulation

These new modules, are the state of the art of photovoltaic modules: They enclose in a further reinforced frame all the new emerging technologies: 210 mm cells cut to 1/3 with efficiency that reaches over 21%, multi-busbar technology and high-density encapsulation, also in the double-sided version.

210mm silicon wafer

The 210 mm silicon wafers, is the largest size currently possible, the choice of the 1/3 cut means that the current supplied is compatible with the majority of current inverters on the market, even in the residential segment.

The further improved temperature coefficient guarantees higher energy productions even in hot climates. The cutting of the cells takes place with a new low temperature method called NDC (non-destructive cutting) which let the half-cell much  to be more performing in terms of mechanical resistance by improving the resistance to microcracks.

Round multi-busbars

The collection of current on the cell through the round multi-busbars increases efficiency by almost half a percentage point, perfect for large cells.

High-density encapsulation

High-density encapsulation is the right compromise between the normal distance between the cells and their overlap, in this way the user can get  greater efficiency and less microcrak

All these improvements can be found in the Vertex line in different formats so as to be able to embrace all market segments, residential, commercial roof and utility scale.