Photovoltaic inverter price list 2022

The beating heart of a system is the photovoltaic inverter which manages not only the conversion of the energy produced by the photovoltaic modules from direct current to alternating current but also controls and monitors the entire system, guaranteeing on the one hand the operation of the panels at maximum their performance and, on the other hand, it monitors the public network for compliance with the various safety criteria, as well as the management of other loads.

Types of photovoltaic inverters

In the panorama of residential and commercial products, different types of the most common inverters can be highlighted:

  • hybrid inverters: they can manage both photovoltaic production and the accumulation of energy in battery packs
  • retrofit inverters: they deal only with the management of electrical storage
  • photovoltaic inverters: they only manage the production of the photovoltaic system
  • microinverter or mini-inverter: these are devices that perform the function of the traditional inverter but are connected to each individual photovoltaic panel and not to a string

Inverters for the residential, commercial and utility scale markets

VP Solar offers a complete range of inverters for every system need, solutions for the residential market with a range of inverters with output power from 1 kW to 10 kW, inverters for commercial and industrial use from 12 kW to over 200 kW with which multi MW plants can be built.