Solaredge HD Wave single-phase inverter DC/AC oversizing up to 200%

Due to the firmware update of the Solaredge HD-Wave single-phase inverter range, it is now possible to oversizing in direct current up to 200%.

What does the oversizing of photovoltaic systems consist of?

The oversizing of PV systems also known as Oversize, FDI (Inverter Dimensioning Factor) or overload refers to a system with the power of the photovoltaic modules (Wp) higher than the nominal power of the inverter.

In this way you can make the most out of the production’s plant and compensate in case of natural drops caused by weather conditions, temperatures, seasonality and obviously the non-constant production determined by the time slots.

Optimal working conditions of an inverter

Based on the fact that inverters work in optimal conditions when strings’ voltage reach the nominal voltage of the inverter itself, oversizing the peak power of the modules to the output on the AC side involves several advantages especially in the winter season, when production is lower.

This practice must be evaluated from time to time on the basis of installation plce (more or less advantageous of the aquifer), the irradiation conditions and the geolocation.

Solaredge HD-Wave single-phase inverter

Solaredge single-phase inverters with HD-Wave technology sizes from 2.2 kW to 6 kW are the ideal product for residential systems and are designed to work with power optimizers.

As previously explained it is allowed an oversizing up to 200%, for example in a photovoltaic system with a 4.0 kW SE4000H inverter can be combined photovoltaic modules with power up to a maximum of 8 Wp (this configuration is recommended only on systems with non-advantageous conditions. radiation e.g. shadows or unfavorable orientation).